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Body Biotics
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BODY BIOTICS Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia A uniquely different Prebiotic & Probiotic, custom cultured to rebalance friendly gut flora, strengthen the immune system, provide messenger chemicals & restore optimal health. For eons, humans naturally ingested friendly soil born organisms (SBOs) from chemical free organic foods they consumed each day. Little was known about these beneficial, life-supporting microbes before the mid to late 1900s, and in truth, not until the last ten years. Today, Probiotic researchers around the world work endlessly in their labs offering up more and more evidence to support the critical importance of these friendly bacteria that have all but gone missing from our daily diets. It has now become obvious to many, in the medical and alternative world, that replacing these missing organisms is paramount to digestive health and our long-term wellbeing. BODY BIOTICS INTERNATIONAL, with a 37 year old Prebiotics & Probiotics formula, has long known the vital role that SBOs play in gut health for both humans and pets. From the moment we secured exclusive worldwide marketing rights to this formula (April/1995), we have remained steadfast in our commitment to provide the safest, most effective natural Probiotic to our customers. With contradictory information and general confusion in today's Probiotics marketplace, we have reviewed the dynamics of our formulation, culturing process and ingredients; all, to offer our customers a better way of understanding the exceptional qualities of BODY BIOTICS. After an intense review, we've concluded that the best words to identify BODY BIOTICS and its wide range of whole body health benefits are: Bio-Identical SBO Probiotics Consortia. 

  • Prevent harmful bacteria and fungi from colonizing the gut
  • Help overcome bloating and gas
  • Balance colonic pH and set the stage for restoring immune health
  • Increase resistance to harmful bacteria and fungi
  • Increase intestinal absorption of nutrients
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