BodyHealth PerfectAmino (300 Tablets) 8 Essential Amino Acids Supplements with BCAA, Increase Muscle Recovery, Boost Energy & Stamina, 99% Utilization, Vegan Branched Chain Protein Pre/Post Workout


PerfectAmino (300 Tablets) 8 Essential Amino Acids Tablets with BCAA

BodyHealth is proud to announce that our flagship product PerfectAmino* has been rigorously tested and is now NSF Certified for Sport! A product with this certification goes above and beyond the established standard for quality in dietary supplements. It demonstrates a companies commitment to providing athletes with a clean, safe product, while promoting fair play in sport. Products that are NSF Certified for Sport are approved by most professional sports teams to be free from banned substances, as well as ensuring the ingredient label claims are accurate

  • PerfectAmino is 99% utilized for power, energy, and recovery Essential amino acids that we get from foods (meat, eggs, beans, and nuts) have to first be digested before they’re available to muscles, tissues, and cells.
  • PerfectAmino is very quickly absorbed It takes hours to be able to utilize the amino acids it has processed and released into the bloodstream. Perfect Amino only takes 23 minutes!
  • PerfectAmino is perfectly formulated PerfectAmino is a comprehensive formula featuring a unique combination of all 8 essential amino acids (50% of which are branched chain amino acids, or BCAAs).
  • PerfectAmino does not create metabolic waste Because PerfectAmino is completely absorbed and 99% utilized for anabolic (growth and repair) purposes, there is no nitrogen waste.


At the low end of the spectrum are branched chain amino acids – only 1% of their content is utilized by the body with 99% resulting in waste. Whey and soy proteins – only 18% or less of their content is utilized by the body. Food like beef, fish and poultry fare a bit better with 32% being absorbed. Eggs are the winners in the regular food stakes with 48% being utilized. Now compare those numbers to PerfectAmino – a massive 99% is put to work by the body.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.