EPI-PLEX by Competitive Edge Labs ( CEL ) : Premium Epicatechin Testosterone Booster for Muscle Growth & Lean Strength Gains 300 mg EPIPLEX

Competitive Edge Labs
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Epi-Plex's powerful results are because of epicatechin, which is a flavonol found in cacao. It's been gaining popularity in the bodybuilding world due to it helping inhibit myostatin in the body. Why is this so important? Because myostatin is what is found in your skeletal muscle that inhibits you from building too much muscle. Well that's where Epi-Plex comes in. It helps inhibit the production of this myostatin so you can build more muscle than ever before. .

  • ● SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN MUSCLE & STRENGTH GAINS - EPI-PLEX is the best natural muscle building supplement available on the market. You will see increases in Strength, Stamina, Lean Muscle, and Vascularity.
  • ● NATURALLY INCREASE TESTOSTERONE - 300 mg. (-)-epicatechin per capsule and 60 capsules per bottle.
  • ● NO HIDDEN INGREDIENTS - No Deceptive Proprietary Blends. No Fillers, Dyes, or Chemicals. Select a brand you know and trust!
  • ● Proudly Made in the USA
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