Finish It Premium Stevia BCAA Electrolyte Pump Matrix #1 BCAA No Artificial Colors, Vegan/Keto Friendly 30 Servings

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Finish IT - BCAA Electrolyte Pump Matrix is not your everyday branched-chain amino acid. For starters, we don't cut corners using cheap artificial sweeteners. We use the miracle plant Stevia as the main sweetener. In addition to having vegan-friendly BCAA's, we included electrolytes to keep your body hydrated and healthy. Electrolytes make the water you drink wetter, allowing water to do its job and keep you hydrated. Rounding it off, 2 grams of L-citrulline is included per serving, to help increase healthy blood flow and to increase pumps when working out!

Did we mention that Finish It tastes amazing and can be consumed anytime throughout the day or night? If you find yourself cramping and running out of energy when you need it the most, don't pull up short: Finish It and finish strong!

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