PEScience Symbiont GI, 90 Capsule, Digestive Enzyme


  • Clinical Dose of Lactospore - A probiotic with more human studies than nearly any other probiotic.
  • Biocore Optimal Complete Enzyme Blend - Supports digestion of carbs, proteins, fats and gas prevention.
  • PepZin GI - This special form of zinc exerts all of its effect directly on the stomach lining. Numerous clinical trials show it can improve symptoms of GI discomfort and digestion.
  • No Refridgeration Required - What most probiotics dont tell you is that they need to be refrigerated. By the time you get the product, most of the cultures are dead. LactoSpore in Symbiont-GI has proven to be shelf stable at room temperature, so you dont have to worry about that.
  • Lab Tested - All PEScience products are produced and stored in a USA cGMP facility and every single product is tested for purity by an independent lab.
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