Puradyme Puraliyf Probiotic Enzymes Dietary Supplement - 180 Caps. By Lou Corona


PuraDyme's PuraLiyf Probiotics are enzyme enhanced LiyfBiotics that combine all of the probiotic health benefits with enzyme proteolytic capabilities. Containing digestive enzymes with probiotics, its formulation is the ideal supplement for those with serious physical conditions.

PuraLiyf contains probiotics with digestive enzymes for digestive health that help in:

Maintaining high intestinal flora
Stimulating the Immune System
Producing natural antibiotics/antifungals
Strengthening the lining of the gut
Blocking Pathogens
Fighting Infections, Allergens, Bloating, Gas and Yeast Overgrowth
Digesting proteins and Carbohydrates
Helps with the delivery of B Vitamins
Inhibits multiplication of cancerous cells

PuraLiyf is one of the most potent multi strain plant based digestive enzyme probiotic supplements that contribute with five synergetic strains of friendly bacteria to a natural, healthy intestinal tract. It is best to take this product daily to help restore healthy flora and improve digestion. It may also be helpful to take it after flossing and teeth cleaning at the end of the day to help the body with sore throats, bad breath, loose teeth and mouth cell regeneration, especially for gum diseases.

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