Pure Life U4EAX Post Workout Muscle and Mind Recovery Powder


If you train hard, you need to recover hard. Training increases the stress hormone, cortisol. In our busy, high-pressure world, no matter what we do, we need a way to relax and recover. Stress is the #1 health risk we all face and a major factor in all our emotional and physical issues including heart disease, cancer, and increased belly fat. It can also get in the way of our motivation and ability to focus. Now, there’s a fast-acting and effective way you can relax, recover, stay motivated, and get the most out of your trainings: U4EA-X.

  • Be More Focused and Alert – Decrease Stress, Anxiety and Improve Cognitive Functio
  • Feel Great Post Workout – Optimize Muscle Function and Recovery
  • Relax and Unwind – Promotes Deep, Restful Sleep. Helps You Relax while Awak
  • Helps You Avoid the Bad Stuff – Reduces Food Cravings and Moderates Appetite
  • GMO free, No Dairy, No Soy, No Corn, No Caffeine, No Artificial Ingredient
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