Slim Max Nutrient Partitioning Complex,Glucose Disposal Agent(GDA),Increase Muscle Mass,Size and Vascularity Enhance Fat Loss 120 Caps

PerforMax Labs

Insulin is an important hormone that regulates nutrient uptake into cells, such as muscle. For weightlifters, carbohydrate and amino acid uptake dictates how the body is able to fuel and grow muscles. Muscle growth can be limited by amino acid availability, and limited carbohydrate availability can cause the muscle to cannibalize itself to convert amino acids into a fuel source – carbohydrate. Therefore, it is imperative that weightlifters keep their insulin levels optimized to ensure transport and delivery of essential nutrients. To address these needs, Performax Labs’ brings you SlinMaxTM, a precision formula to maximize nutrient partitioning – nutrient delivery to muscles for fuel rather than fat cells for storage. This combination of research-backed biomolecules improves insulin action via multiple mechanisms, thereby utilizing a synergistic approach to nutrient partitioning.

  • BUILD MUSCLE THROUGH THE MOST ANABOLIC HORMONE IN YOUR BODY, INSULIN  Not an average protein powder, it uses insulin as an important hormone that regulates nutrient uptake into cells, such as muscle. SlinMax  has been precisely formulated to increase insulin  to improve its action via independent mechanisms
  • EAT BIG AND GAIN NOTHING BUT MUSCLE  Stop fearing carbs, carbohydrates are your principal source of fuel. They provide the energy necessary for intense workouts more efficiently. With our mass gainer formula, you will get the freedom to eat more carbs, not fear about them, as they will go to muscles instead of fat storage. No bloating or water retention even on ramp up days
  • Endurance
  • Muscle Size
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