Unique E, 120 Capsules

A.C. Grace

This all-natural, pure mixed tocopherol concentrate contains organic vitamin e as obtained through diet and as used by the body. The concentrated formula of our vitamin e oil capsules offers the synergistic advantages of the complete vitamin e tocopherol complex (d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma and d-delta tocopherols) and provides the maximum biological activity by supplying the optimal proportion of the complex in the body.

Directions for Use:

Maintenance Dose - 1 capsule, 2 If over 50
Therapeutic Dose - 1 capsule per 40 pounds of body weight
Acute/Chronic Dose - 4-6 vitamin E 400 iu softgels, regardless of body weight
Maximum Dose: 6 vitamin E gel capsules
Most effective when dosage is taken with a meal

Health Benefits of Natural Vitamin E Capsules:

Cardiovascular Health

Supports general cardiovascular and circulatory health
Promotes healthy coronary blood flow
Offers antioxidant support
Supports the body’s ability to absorb and use essential lipids appropriately
Helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range
Helps promote healthy red blood cell circulation


Supports healthy concentration and retention of memory
Helps promote healthy brain function
Provides support for antioxidants throughout the body
Helps preserve the integrity of the cell function
Promotes healthy immune function

General Health

Promotes eye health
Supports and strengthens the immune system
Enhances the body's ability to regulate pro-inflammatory molecules, such as C-reactive protein
May be used externally as a topical agent to support dermal health

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