Unique E Natural Moisturizing Cream, Coconut Scented, 2 Ounces

A.C. Grace Company

UNIQUE E® NATURAL Moisturizing Cream— formulated using ALL-NATURAL ingredients including both Mixed Tocopherols and Tocotrienols with Vitamins A & D.

This unique, novel formulation combines excellent skin moisturizing with strong anti-aging and wellness benefits.

UNIQUE E® Natural Moisturizing Cream was formulated for enhanced skin penetration and extended time release provides lasting moisturizing effects, keeping the skin soft, supple, and smooth feeling all day.

Its skin-nourishing properties are intensive enough for use as a night cream, while its texture is light enough for use during the day and under makeup.

Vitamin E as natural, unesterified tocopherols plus tocotrienols provides strong antioxidant protection, reduces damage from UV radiation and photoaging and helps delay skin aging and wrinkles. In combination with vitamins A and D3 it supports skin health and wellness in addition to the anti-aging benefits

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