ZETOX | Easy to Take Liquid Zeolite Suspension with B-12 & D3 | Natural Energy & Immune System Booster that Supports Daily Detox & Optimal pH | Max Absorption Alkaline Drops (60 Servings)

Zeo Health

  • THE SMART CHOICE FOR DAILY DETOX: ZETOX is the most cost effective and potent liquid zeolite on the market, and is an excellent choice for a daily detox maintenance that supports the safe detox of environmental toxins*
  • FEEL YOUR BEST: The unique combination of vitamin B-12 and zeolite is a very effective natural energy booster and helps to alleviate fatigue, brain fog, headaches, and inflammation, while supporting restful sleep.*
  • BE HEALTHY, STAY HEALTHY: The added vitamin D-3 works as a potent immune system booster when combined with zeolite. ZETOX can also be used as alkaline water drops that help to balance the body’s pH, keeping your body more healthy and strong.*
  • EASY TO TAKE & TASTES GREAT: ZETOX has a very mild fruity and peppermint taste that even your kids will love. Take a dropper full 1 to 2 times daily under the tongue or mixed with water or your favorite juice for a great pick-me-up and natural detox.*
  • TRUSTED SOURCE FOR OVER 20 YEARS: ZEO Health / Regal Supplements is the original pioneers of zeolite supplementation and all of our zeolite is mined from the purest sources on earth, 3rd party tested, and manufactured using good manufacturing practices in a FDA approved facility. *

ZETOX is a safe, convenient, and effective liquid zeolite suspension formula that is an excellent choice for daily natural detox maintenance, and supports the safe and gentle detoxification of environmental toxins. Do you experience low energy, headaches, achy joints, body pains, and brain fog? Build up of environmental toxins can be a contributing factor. ZETOX works at the cellular level to help cleanse the body so you can feel your best.* ZETOX: the smart choice for safe, effective, and convenient daily detox the most cost effective liquid zeolite formula on the market* highest potency liquid zeolite on the market* added vitamin B-12 for enhanced oxygen and zeolite transport, leading to a more effective detox and increased energy* added vitamin D-3 for enhanced immune support* developed by the original pioneers of zeolite supplementation

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